Online Cooking Classes

Akiko’s online cooking classes show you how to cook easy recipes like miso soup by using ingredients easily found in a grocery store.
These classes offer immersion in Japanese culture and cuisine, making authentic and hearty meals that transport your palate to Japan.
I will help you one on one and can consider classes for a family or group of friends, depending on your time. Plus, if you are interested in cooking elaborated Japanese recipes, I can give you a hand to find an easy way to cook them.
I offer personalized recipes based on your experience cooking Japanese food, favorite dishes, and dietary restrictions.

How to Contact

To answer any questions or make a reservation, contact me at

How to Learn

We will meet virtually via Zoom


You can make a payment via Paypal on the day of our lesson. I will estimate the fee and notify you.

Cancellation Policy

There is no charge for cancellation.
I would appreciate a notification in advance before the lesson starts (at least ONE day). 

Who Am I?

Akiko Sawaji

Akiko Sawaji

I am Akiko Sawaji from Japan, a world traveler and food lover. Many friends also know me as their Okasan or Okan, which means someone else’s mom. I am fluent in English and Japanese and have studied abroad in San Francisco, USA. After years of being a stay-at-home mom, I found my passion in traveling around the world (17 countries and counting!) and preparing authentic Japanese food. Now I hope to share my recipes with new friends over food while exchanging life experiences.